Across The Pond

Hayden has a new show coming out soon. Across the Pond with Hayden Black will debut on GeekNation in a month or so, but you can watch the video clip advertising the new website below.

The show takes a humorous and fun look at British TV like Dr. Who, The Fades, The IT Crowd, Extras and The Thick Of It, with some TV insiders popping in to talk about it all with Hayden. Guests so far on the show include Liam Lynch, James Moran, Adrienne Wilkinson, Susy Kane and Alex Lowe. The hour-long episodes promise ‘insight, laughs and silliness’.


Mockumentary Moments

© Hayden Black

Goodnight Burbank, has just been named an official selection of LA’s Mockfest 5.0 as well as part of its closing night celebration!

Mockfest’s mission is to “showcase the best comedies and mockumentaries from around the world”, last year Mickey Rooney was given a Comedy Lifetime Achievement Award at the ceremony! To find out more about Mockfilmfest head over to their website.

Click here to read a review of Goodnight Burbank from the Operations Manager of Mockfest.

Demon Seed

© Hayden Black

In the 4th Episode of Goodnight Burbank on HDNet tonight, Whitney brings a young girl to the set that she’s mentoring through her Church program. She is trying to show her future Mother-in-Law what a great Mom she’d make herself, but the child is the spawn of the devil and it all goes downhill very fast.

Tune in at 9pm EST Wednesdays on HDNet, and there’s a sneak preview on the website.

Phantom Garage

© Hayden Black

Tonight’s episode on HDNet is called The Phantom of the Garage. In which Gordon and Whitney are taken by surprise when a member of an animal rights group takes the lighting girl hostage until her demands are read live on air – all while a focus group in the living room is giving them real-time changes.

Tune in at 9pm EST Wednesdays on HDNet, but if you’re impatient to see it, there’s a sneak preview on the website.

Earthquake News

© Hayden Black

Tomorrow night’s episode of Goodnight Burbank is titled Car Quake:The newscast has to go live early to cover a crazy car chase. That is then interrupted by a second car chase. That is then interrupted by an earthquake.

Don’t forget to tune in at 9pm EST on HDNet or you’ll miss all the action!

If you can’t wait that long, there’s a short teaser clip over here.

See Hayden Today!

© Hayden Black

This picture is from the ITV Fest screening and panel that Hayden and some of the Goodnight Burbank team attended on Wednesday. The panel went well and they had fun seeing the show on a full-sized movie screen.

If you missed the panel and are lucky enough to be in the area, Hayden is on a panel at the WEBTV Workshop on Digital Media and Webisodes, today, August 14, 2011 from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM (PT). The panel is part of the HollyShorts Film Festival.

For more details and to book tickets click here.
If you can’t attend but would like to support Hayden and the team, why not go to IMDB and vote for the show?

Happy Birthday Hayden!

© Hayden Black

It’s Hayden‘s birthday today! Happy Birthday to the man who made Goodnight Burbank a reality.

If you’re interested in how Goodnight Burbank made the jump from 5 minute webisode to a full half hour comedy, click here for tickets to a screening and panel with an exclusive Q/A session. This takes place on August 10, as part of the ITV fest. Cast members and crew that will be joining Hayden at the event are:

Laura Silverman, Diahnna Nicole Baxter, Cameron Bender, Camden Toy, Miracle Laurie, Chris May, Adrienne Wilkinson, Stacey Scowley, America Young and Canyon Prince (director ep 4-6).