The Casting Couch

The sixth and final (for now) episode of Goodnight Burbank will be aired on Wednesday on HDNet at 9pm EST.

In this episode the wife and daughter of the late lighting guy come to pay their last respects but refuse to leave the studio even when the news goes live. Featuring Deanna Russo (Gossip Girl, Knight Rider), Parvesh Cheena (Outsourced) and John Barrowman (Torchwood), discussing Mr Bondage! For a preview click on the video below.


Lesbians On Acid

The fifth episode of the new half-hour Goodnight Burbank will debut on HDNet tomorrow (Wednesday 9th November). This one features Juliet Landau (Buffy), Jim Rash (Community), Parvesh Cheena (Outsourced), Fran Kranz (Dollhouse), and Christopher May (Bones). Find out what happens when the Fire Marshal is visiting and a plate of acid-laced Brownies is doing the rounds.

Catch the episode at 9pm EST on HDNet, or if you can’t wait that long, click for a sneak peek (which is also available to everyone outside of the USA).

If you still can’t get enough of Goodnight Burbank click here to see a review and there to read all about star of GNB, Cameron Bender.

Mockumentary Moments

© Hayden Black

Goodnight Burbank, has just been named an official selection of LA’s Mockfest 5.0 as well as part of its closing night celebration!

Mockfest’s mission is to “showcase the best comedies and mockumentaries from around the world”, last year Mickey Rooney was given a Comedy Lifetime Achievement Award at the ceremony! To find out more about Mockfilmfest head over to their website.

Click here to read a review of Goodnight Burbank from the Operations Manager of Mockfest.

Demon Seed

© Hayden Black

In the 4th Episode of Goodnight Burbank on HDNet tonight, Whitney brings a young girl to the set that she’s mentoring through her Church program. She is trying to show her future Mother-in-Law what a great Mom she’d make herself, but the child is the spawn of the devil and it all goes downhill very fast.

Tune in at 9pm EST Wednesdays on HDNet, and there’s a sneak preview on the website.

The Occulterers

© Hayden Black

Halloween is on the way, so it’s a good time for a reminder about The Occulterers, This is Hayden’s spoof ‘Ghost Hunting’ show based around a four-person team who “boldly go where no sane person would; into haunted houses, spooked-up mansions and poltergeisted castles to find out just what’s going bump in the night.

Fortunately for any ghosts, The Occulterers internal relationships are a whole lot bumpier and scarier. In fact, most supernatural presences run in fear when they’re around!”

The six part series ran on babelgum in 2009, in the week leading up to Halloween. As well as the six episodes there are 6 hour-long ‘live’ feeds from the castle where viewers could spot any strange happenings!

The whole show was written, cast, shot, edited and produced in 18 days, and stars Buffy’s James C. Leary, The Evil Dead’s Ellen Sandweiss, Angel’s Camden Toy, Hayden (of course) and I ♥ Vampire’s Amy Kline.

Don’t worry if you missed it the first time round, all the episodes are  available on Babelgum so why not find out what goes on when the lights go off!

Coming Soon!

There’s not long to wait now! Coming to a TV near you, the first episode of Goodnight Burbank will air (in North America only for now) on HDNet on 12th October at 9pm EST. Check out the HDNet Website for more information and listings for your area.

The first episode is called What Goes Up: “Before the newscast can even begin, the lighting guy falls to his death – and until the unions can get there, no one can move his body.

If anything stops you being able to watch on Wednesday, don’t worry, the show will be repeated during the week, check your listings for days and times.

Happy Birthday Hayden!

© Hayden Black

It’s Hayden‘s birthday today! Happy Birthday to the man who made Goodnight Burbank a reality.

If you’re interested in how Goodnight Burbank made the jump from 5 minute webisode to a full half hour comedy, click here for tickets to a screening and panel with an exclusive Q/A session. This takes place on August 10, as part of the ITV fest. Cast members and crew that will be joining Hayden at the event are:

Laura Silverman, Diahnna Nicole Baxter, Cameron Bender, Camden Toy, Miracle Laurie, Chris May, Adrienne Wilkinson, Stacey Scowley, America Young and Canyon Prince (director ep 4-6).