Hayden, Rich and Dr Who

© Hayden Black

© Hayden Black

We caught up with Hayden recently to find out more about Behind the Sofa and 2013 Mashed

Let’s start by talking about Behind the Sofa.. Were you involved in the project from the start?

Steve Berry, the editor, reached out to me via Facebook – a place I do a startling amount of business – and asked me to write a piece back in 2010. I was honoured and flattered and said yes immediately. I sent him the piece then forgot about it. When I saw the book coming out, and its long list of amazing contributors, I assumed in my typical neurotic manner that I’d been pushed aside for some of these much bigger names. My neuroses are my least favorite part of me and yet they make up about 98%.

Did you have a word limit or any restrictions on what you could write about?

I think he told me to keep it to a couple of pages. But the subject area was rather wide – anything to do with Dr. Who and how it had touched me personally. I decided to forgo the story about blu-tac’ing some polystyrene packaging to my bedroom wall and pretending it was a TARDIS console, as there wasn’t much more to it than that. Or racing through the Dr Who Exhibition in Blackpool just so I could get to the shop at the end. I was a sad 11 year-old boy. But some 11 year-olds wind up making comedy when they grow up.

Which is your favourite story from the book?

Oh, easily mine. It was so well-written and I was hanging on every word – that boy has a bright future ahead of him. But to be honest, there’s so many great ones that it seems churlish to pick just one. Go out and buy the book and decide for yourself – it’s for charity after all.

Would you like to write for Doctor Who?

In a heartbeat! Or two heartbeats (see what I did there?). I loves me Who and after years of having to pretend I didn’t, I can now wear my geek on my sleeve. I have a couple of ideas I’d like to explore. The way I look at it is that there’s plenty of life left in the show and there’s plenty of life left in me so at some point, things could converge.

Who is your favourite Doctor?

Tom Baker. Hands down. But I’ve really liked David Tennant and Matt Smith’s interpretations – and for that matter, Chris Eccleston’s. And I’m looking forward to Peter Capaldi coming on board. I didn’t much care for 80’s Who. It was so overlit and when you’re doing a sci-fi series for tuppence ha’penny, the last thing you want to do is highlight how bad your effects/sets are. Oh, don’t get me started on 80’s Who… *shudder*…

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Hayden’s Hollywood Hustle

© Hollywood Hustle

© Hollywood Hustle

Hayden is taking part in Hollywood Hustle – a documentary about Freelance life in Hollywood.

The film will document the experiences of several freelancers over the course of a year.

Over the year, the audience will experience the successes, struggles and excitement of each freelancer by listening to in-depth interviews and seeing candid footage of life on set as well as a lens into the daily rituals of a freelance filmmaker.

There will be interviews from industry veterans, Los Angeles locals and Hollywood icons, to leave the audience with a strong appreciation for the hard work, creativity, sacrifice and dedication demonstrated by the freelance community, see the Promo for the film here.

Hollywood Hustle is being produced and directed by Scotty Tipton; a freelance Sound Mixer in Los Angeles.

Voice Over Action

Hayden has released a new voice-over reel to showcase his vocal talents. You can hear him in action below, being American, British and even some talking birds!

If you like what you hear and have need of a voice, you can contact Hayden at hayden@haydenism.org.

Hayden Talks Doctor Who

© bbcamerica.com

© bbcamerica.com

Hayden will appear regularly in Season Two of The Brit List – starting with The Doctor Who Ultimate List of Lists next Friday (21st) on BBC America, hosted by Asha Leo.

Among the lists are the ‘Top Five Companions’, ‘Top Five Scariest Moments’ and many others, why don’t you tune in and see if your favourite is among them?

Hayden is joined on the panel by John Barrowman, cat-loving comedian Susan Calman and Matt Kirshen.

Everyone can watch the video of John Barrowman describing his favourite Doctor Who Monsters here, but the show is only available to viewers of BBC America.

For more information about the show and what time it’s on in your area follow this link.

Hayden, recently contributed to the book Behind the Sofa alongside Rhys Thomas, Charlie Brooker, Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Ross, Bill Oddie, Toyah Willcox, Al Murray, Hugh Bonneville and many more celebrities.

You can still order the book from Amazon and all profits go to Alzheimer’s Research UK, it will make a fantastic gift for the Doctor Who fan in your life!

Get Behind The Sofa

© Behind The Sofa

Way back in March we told you that Hayden was one of the contributors to Behind the Sofa – Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who, a new book in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK, which celebrates Doctor Who.

The book contains over 100 contributions from many writers and celebrities including  Charlie Brooker, Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Ross, Bill Oddie, Toyah Willcox, Al Murray, Rhys Thomas, Hugh Bonneville and Roland Rat!

Behind the Sofa has finally been published and it is a treasure trove of stories on the subject of Doctor Who and everything around and about the show. The stories cover many different perspectives from the horror of missing an episode, but being scared to watch, to meeting The Doctor, writing for Doctor Who, and anecdotes from those who actually worked on the show.

It was compiled by author Steve Berry in memory of his mother, Janet, and is beautifully illustrated by Ben Morris.

You can read a snippet of Hayden’s contribution here, but if you want to read the rest you’ll have to order the book here – all profits go to Alzeimer’s Research UK.

Social Media Club

© Hayden Black

If you are in Santa Monica on Tuesday and would love to see Hayden, then you’re in luck. Hayden will be a guest speaker at the Social Media Club’s The Art of Writing for Social Media event at Cross Campus 820 Broadway Street, Santa Monica 90401.

The fun starts at 6.30pm and other guest speakers are Ari Sherman, Caprice Crane, and Mike Rotman. If you want to learn how to craft clever, dynamic posts that grab people’s attention and build your brand, then this is the place for you.

For tickets at the early bird price of $10, and more information about the event click here.

Chasing Episode Two!

Episode Two of Chasing The Hill, Send In The Dancing Chihuahuas,
is available now from the Chasing the Hill website.

As before the show is available to buy using paypal at the very reasonable price of $2.17.

To coincide with the debut of the second episode, the Political Style blog has an exclusive interview with Sharon Lawrence about her role as the Mayor of Los Angeles.

For a sneak preview watch the clip below.