Chasing Episode Two!

Episode Two of Chasing The Hill, Send In The Dancing Chihuahuas,
is available now from the Chasing the Hill website.

As before the show is available to buy using paypal at the very reasonable price of $2.17.

To coincide with the debut of the second episode, the Political Style blog has an exclusive interview with Sharon Lawrence about her role as the Mayor of Los Angeles.

For a sneak preview watch the clip below.


Chasing The Hill Debuts Today!


Today sees the premiere of Chasing The Hill, the new web series starring Hayden and, among others, Matthew Del Negro (Sopranos, The West Wing), Robin Weigert (Deadwood, Sons Of Anarchy), Josua Malina (Scandal, The West Wing) and Melissa Fitzgerald (The West Wing), as well as appearances by real politicians.

The series follows the re-election campaign of a fictional Democratic representative from California (Weigart), struggling to fend off a primary challenger. She hires a veteran political consultant at the last hour in a desperate effort to hold on to her seat. The show is filmed on location in a documentary style.

The first episode, Awesomeness is a Warm Gun, debuts on the Chasing the Hill website. The show is available worldwide on a ‘pay per view’ system, using Paypal. It costs only $2.49 to download each episode, which will be at least 30 minutes long.

Chasing The Hill

© Hayden Black

As we mentioned previously, Hayden will soon be appearing in Chasing The Hill, a new political drama co-starring Hayden and Matthew Del Negro (United States of Tara, The Sopranos) along with Ken Davitian (Borat). They begin shooting the pilot on June 16th, and hope it will become available internationally in July.

Hayden’s character is called Stuart who’s the head of a Congresswoman’s re-election campaign. He’s forced to accept a new rival member of staff (Del Negro) who’s brought on to help the ailing campaign – but Stuart will do anything he can to undermine him.