Teensy Who Tweets

Hayden‘s latest Tiny Tweets with a Doctor Who theme have made it onto the front page of the Blogtor Who Blog!

Hayden is a life-long Doctor Who fan so this is really special.

If you haven’t seen them, take a look here now.


Teensy Tweets Are Here!

Hayden‘s tweets have been unleashed  as teensy animations! Each tweet is spoken by one of the new bird characters Percy, Shaggy, Ray Ray and Owlscar Wilde, who have been created especially for the series. Each episode is one minute long and has 3 or 4 Teensy Tweets, voiced by Hayden and illustrated by Natalie Sharp, with animation by Nathan Babian.

You can watch the first episode here and new ones will be released every Wednesday.

The brand new Tom Cruise/Katy Holmes special is here!

More Teensy Tweets

© Teensy Tweets

Teensy Tweets are well on the way to being launched. Some new illustrations are being worked on, the characters include Percy, Shaggy, Ray Ray and Owlscar Wilde.

The birds on the left are Percy and Shaggy. The series will be launching in late June with 10 exclusive, branded episodes for the Techli.com website, where the jokes will be tech in nature. Unbranded episodes will launch around the same time, which will encompass all genres.

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Teensy Tweets

© Hayden Black

Web of Intrigue’s latest podcast stars Hayden talking about Goodnight Burbank, The Zombitch and his brand new project Teensy Tweets.

This new project will feature Hayden’s tweets but spoken by real-life birds! Hayden will of course be providing the voices of the birds, but will use footage of real birds. To find out more about this head over to the facebook page.

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