Teensy Tweets

© Hayden Black

Web of Intrigue’s latest podcast stars Hayden talking about Goodnight Burbank, The Zombitch and his brand new project Teensy Tweets.

This new project will feature Hayden’s tweets but spoken by real-life birds! Hayden will of course be providing the voices of the birds, but will use footage of real birds. To find out more about this head over to the facebook page.

Don’t forget to keep visiting the Zohmbi blog for the latest updates on the new screenplay.


The End Of The Zombitch!

© thezombitch.org

If you’ve been following Hayden‘s new blog about the writing of his new screenplay, The Zombitch, you will be aware that the name has been changed.

From now on the new project will be called….. Zohmbi!

Keep up with the progress of Hayden’s writing by regularly checking The Zombitch site, and be first to find out when the new site will be up.